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At Dump IT we strive to be innovative, professional, and Hard Working.  That's how we were raised and that's how we feel business should be done.  We will go above and beyond to meet your needs and give top notch Awesome Junk Removal & Hoarding services.  

Curtis Photo.PNG
Curtis Johnson

Curtis has always loved business.  He started with a candy stand in front of his house growing up trying to raise money to buy a sweet bmx bike.  Since then, his ideas and passions have been in running successful businesses on the foundation of excellent service, dignity, honor, and hard work.  Father of 4 kids and husband to a wonderful wife.  Loves sports and boating. 

Jack Jacobi

Jack has been with Dump It for near 10 years.  He is a dedicated hard working guy with lots of experience.  Also a Dad, husband, and awesome fisherman.

Paul Russow

Paul is a great guy who loves to get things done.  He love doing things the right way and always works hard to make customers satisfied.  Also is a Dad and great golfer. 

Young Man with Tablet
Colton Goodworth
Estimator/Junk King

Colton is young and ambitious.  He loves helping others and making sure jobs get done on time and the right way.  Colton will always go above and beyond to make sure his customers leave feeling thrilled.  

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